We need more voters.

Author:Denison, Peter B.
Position::Letters - Letter to the editor


I completely agree with Joshua Lewis Berg that everyone, including felons, should have the right to vote ("The Case for Re-Enfranchisement," N/D 2016). Voting by absentee ballot would help to keep them in contact with their neighborhood. In addition, they should be encouraged to contact their representatives. Prison conditions leave much to be desired, and elected officials are only too happy to ignore them. If a felon, along with his family members and friends, is able to vote, more representatives will pay attention.


In addition I would suggest lowering the voting age to fourteen. We all know that young people don't vote in large numbers. They reach eighteen at the same time they're going off to college or starting jobs, and they tend to forget about voting. If they started voting earlier when they're still in high...

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