We Are Not Alone.

Author:Mackenzie, Kathryn

Writing about business in Alaska is much easier than many might think because we are not as isolated as we seem. This state is home to the world's most important and dynamic industries, as well as innovative thinkers who continue to advance Alaska's technological capabilities, connecting us with the rest of the world in a way never before possible. Depending on where you are in the state you can communicate with anyone, anywhere, anytime--and more and more even your location becomes irrelevant as companies like Quintillion push forward projects like the subsea fiber optic cable system completed by the company earlier this year.

The entire state of Alaska may have the population of a large city in the Lower 48, but its global connections and relationships with partner industries provide the team a\. Alaska Business nearly endless industry topics to expound upon.

Take ocean shipping, truck, rail, and logistics company Matson, for example. Matson for the first time linked its northern Pacific network with its South Pacific operations in 2016 with the introduction of its South Pacific Express service between Honolulu, Samoa, and American Samoa, creating a contiguous network spanning the Pacific Ocean. The company began to expand to and through Alaska with the acquisition of Horizon Lines' assets in 2015 and Span Alaska in 2016. And that's just the beginning of the company's investments here over the past few years (even as the economy was crashing, Matson continued to invest millions of dollars into infrastructure projects, expansion efforts, and philanthropic work).

While Matson is busily connecting Alaska with Hawaii and the Pacific Northwest, the Port of Alaska is also connecting the state to essential hubs throughout the rest of the country accepting cargo deliveries that keep the our stores stocked, fuel in our cars and homes, and the raw materials needed to further develop Alaska's infrastructure. But for how long?

The Port of Alaska is in need of repairs that cannot be ignored, says Jim Jager, external affairs manager for...

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