"We Are All Fast-Food Workers Now" The Global Uprising Against Poverty Wages.

Author:Silverstein, Barry
Position:Book review

Annelise Orleck; "WE ARE ALL FAST-FOOD WORKERS NOW"; Beacon Press (Nonfiction: Business & Economics) 18.00 ISBN: 9780807081778

Byline: Barry Silverstein

To understand the impact of poverty wages on the world's workers, history professor Annelise Orleck traveled around the United States and the world, conducting 140 interviews, reviewing documents, and studying news reports. This compelling book is the result. It exposes the all-too-common practice of corporations paying poverty wages but also celebrates the courageous resistance movement that has become a global force.

Taking its title from a "Fight for $15" activist's quote, the book is divided into five sections. The first part offers an overview of the global uprising against poverty wages with chapters that highlight affected workers, including fast-food employees, berry pickers, factory workers, and hotel housekeepers. In the second part, the reader is introduced to the global "precariat," a class that faces an uncertain, precarious life. Through superb descriptions supplemented by salient quotes, Orleck provides the necessary context for her argument.

Parts three and four of the book hone in on garment...

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