Five ways to wow members: take a look at some of the work the Chamber is most proud of.


We improved the region's workforce

The Southeast Michigan WIRED Partnership got its program to help transform the region's economy off the ground after the first of the year, following approval of our action plan by the program's funding source, the U.S. Department of Labor, in December. Our plan funds initiatives in three areas intended to help spark economic transformation in the region: Workforce Development, Entrepreneurship and Economic Development based on promoting Innovation.

Twenty-five schools in the region will participate in Project Lead the Way, which is a nationally recognized, applied math and science curriculum. WIRED funds were used to train teachers at Eastern Michigan University over the summer, and they are now using the curriculum in their schools.

A state-wide internship program is being developed to help connect college students to employment opportunities in Michigan before students decide to leave the state.

The Chamber also secured a one year, $100,000 Skillman grant and engaged a contractor to begin working full time to create business partnerships with schools in Detroit.

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We brought young professionals into the conversation

If a theme came out of this year's Mackinac Policy Conference, it was the importance of the young talent in the region. So it came as no surprise that the Mackinac Policy Conference attendees from Fusion, the Chamber's young professional program, were welcome participants on the last day of the conference before hosting their own YP track on Saturday.


This was the first time that this generation was given such a strong presence and the opportunity to interact with key decision makers, and those who attended deemed the Mackinac Policy Conference Fusion track a resounding success. Each of the sessions provided an engaging and, insightful view into the needs of today's young professionals for the business owners and reporters present. Four priority areas emerged from the discussions: transit, leadership development, jobs and the image of the region. Fusion is currently planning follow up forums that will dive further into these priorities areas and involve the greater community.

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We attracted new business and money to the region

By meeting with over 2,000 companies a year from around the world, the economic development arm of the Chamber is making...

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