Wayne Wallace: Nature of the Beat.

Author:Varela, Jesse


Nature of the Beat

(Patois Records)


With every new album, the multi-tasking trombonist Wayne Wallace unfolds a work of art that leaves you filled with a musical euphoria and makes you want to keep listening to it over and over. Right now, Latin jazz has some exciting original voices that are making serious intellectual music. But in my opinion, there's very little humor in it, as it possess in its makeup more brain than heart, thus making it, overall, as sterile as a test tube.

Nature of the Beat is a Latin jazz album that moves you both physically and mentally. There's groove, soul and a funky fusion that bridges African-American and Afro-Cuban popular musics together with delightful ease and synchronicity. Mis Amigos opens the date and introduces us to a mighty cast of musicians that includes his Patois Records family, along with some super-happening singers like Alexa Weber-Morales and Orlando Torriente.

Jeru, the Gerry Mulligan tune immortalized in the Miles Davis Birth of the Cool sessions of the 1940s, gets a swinging jazz-Latin treatment that delivers some...

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