Wayne County.

Author:Ficano, Robert A.
Position::Brief article


It is once again an honor to be with everyone on Mackinac Island for the annual Detroit Regional Chamber of Commerce Leadership Conference. Without question, these are unprecedented times in Southeastern Michigan, the state and the nation and resources are limited. In Wayne County, we, like so many of you, are forced to do more with less. But I am happy to remind everyone that no storm lasts forever. Whatever problems confront us, better days are ahead if we band together as a region.


In Wayne County, we are focused on a better future, and our future is now.

Pinnacle and Aerotropolis are no longer visions of the future; they are happening today. The Pinnacle Race Course, Michigan's only thoroughbred racing, has broken ground and I hope you will all visit during their 2008 race days.

One county program making a big impact on the county's economic development is our Transforming Underdeveloped Residential and Business Opportunities (TURBO). After only one year in operation, TURBO has helped spark the creation of 2,500 new jobs and $250 million in new investment countywide, including new...

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