Company Watch - AVIC China Aviation Industry Corp.


Jun 23, 2008

China is gearing up efforts to consolidate the manufacture of large

commercial trunk aircraft with the merger of AVIC I and AVIC II, now scheduled to occur in July. The companies held a mobilization conference last weekend and established a group led by AVIC I President Lin Zuoming to formulate the specific merger plan, which is awaiting approval from Beijing. China Aviation Industry Corp. was split in July 1999. AVIC I comprises Xi'an Aircraft Industry Co., Shenyang Aircraft Corp., Chengdu Aircraft Industrial Co. and Shanghai Aircraft Manufacturing Factory, all of which focus largely on production of fixed-wing aircraft. AVIC II owns Harbin Aircraft Industry Group and Changhe Aircraft Industries Group, which focus on helicopters, and Shaanxi Aircraft Industry Co., which manufactures the Y-8. Jun 18, 2008

China will merge its two state aircraft makers to create an industry conglomerate, state media said, as it moves to pool resources to build large aircraft. The merger of AVIC I and AVIC II has obtained regulatory approval and the new company, named China Aviation Industry Corporation, is expected to be established next month, the official Xinhua news agency said, citing industry sources. China set up a company to develop and build large commercial jets in May as it tries to reduce...

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