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DOL: Employee 'volunteer time' isn't compensable

When employees participate in optional volunteer programs organized by their employer, that time is not considered "hours worked" under the Fair Labor Standards Act--even if employees can earn a bonus for participating, says a new Department of Labor opinion letter (FLSA 2019-2). The volunteer work must be truly optional, not controlled by the employer and there can't be any negative consequences for failing to volunteer. Read the letter at http://tinyurl.com/flsavolunteer.

Bipartisan bill may ease path for age-bias lawsuits

A bipartisan coalition in the House and Senate is pushing legislation to lower the bar for employees to bring age-discrimination lawsuits. In 2009, a U.S. Supreme Court decision (Gross v. FBL) said employees seeking to prove age discrimination must demonstrate that age was the sole motivating factor for the employer's adverse action (firing, demotion, etc.). The proposed Protecting Older Workers Against Discrimination Act would return to the pre-2009 evidentiary threshold, allowing employees to prevail if they can prove that discrimination was just one of the factors on which an employer's adverse action was based.

Dems push for doubling of federal minimum wage


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