Wanted: driverless vehicles for army security patrols.

Author:Beidel, Eric
Position::Defense Technology Newswire

* Security vehicles are constantly patrolling U.S. military bases here and overseas. But what if no one is behind the wheel?

The Army is conducting market research into technology that would allow installations to send out unmanned vehicles on 24-7 patrols. These vehicles would drive around autonomously and be able to follow traffic rules and patterns, as well as share the road with pedestrians and automobiles driven by security forces.


The cost to have human guards on call at all times is unsustainable, according to Army solicitation documents.

"Forces and infrastructure are at risk due to insufficient resources available to provide adequate force protection and physical security of fixed bases," the documents state.

The robotic vehicles ideally would be able to safely maneuver around obstacles at speeds up to about...

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