Walters, Eric. Splat!(Young adult review) (Brief article) (Book review)

Author:Larsen, Ashleigh

WALTERS, Eric. Splat! Orca. 110p. c2008. 978-155143-988-4. $16.95. JS

Alex and Keegan are two adventuresome teenagers who end up causing trouble in their small, tomato-growing town. With the tomato festival coming up, their fathers believe that they need to show more responsibility, especially as the sons of the mayor and chief of police. Their fathers tell them that they will be volunteering their time to run an event of their choosing at the tomato festival; they decide to run the annual Tomato Toss. Giving the event a little creative twist, they start to show promise and potential. That is, until a full-fledged tomato riot breaks out on the neighborhood streets during the tomato parade. There is not one person in the town who isn't covered in tomato slime. This...

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