Walker taps in-house counsel, DOJ attorney for appointments.


Byline: Erika Strebel, erika.strebel@wislawjournal.com

Gov. Scott Walker recently made appointments to the St. Croix County Circuit Court and Ashland District Attorney's Office.

Walker announced Wednesday that he had appointed Scott Nordstrand to take the place of St. Croix County Judge Eric Lundell when Lundell retires.

Nordstrand, who earned his law degree from University of North Dakota School of Law in 1987 and was admitted to practice in Wisconsin in 2008, is in-house counsel for Solutran Inc. Before that, he was in-house counsel for SSG Corporation. Nordstrand also spent 15 years as a commercial-litigation attorney in Alaska, spent several years as a government attorney there and was Alaska's Commissioner for the Department of Administration before returning to Wisconsin.

Walker also announced that he had appointed David Meany as the top prosecutor in Ashland County. Meany will...

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