Walker's Razor X.

Author:Miller, Payton


For me as well as a lot of other guys, "high-tech" hearing protection is pretty much anything above and beyond foam plugs--perhaps used in conjunction with earmuffs if you're lighting off something really obnoxious.

This has generally included electronic earmuffs with an automatic noise "cut-off" at a certain decibel level, or small "inside the ear" units that do pretty much the same thing.

The Razor X from Walker's Game Ear, however, is an innovative solution to drawbacks posed by electronic earmuffs and small internal units. First off, it's an unobtrusive (literally unnoticeable) foldable rubberized headset unit that fits around the back of your neck rather than over the top of your head. It's got all the logistical advantages of a 1-piece unit, without the bulbous hardshell ear cups, meaning no hassles in navigating hats, shooting glasses, or--more importantly--getting a decent cheekweld on a rifle or shotgun.


The other cool thing is there are different sized earbud tips to choose from so you don't have to worry about trying to "chamber a large-caliber plug into a small-caliber ear canal." Or vice versa. And if the smallest one is still a tad large, you can compress it--just as you would a throwaway foam plug. (That's...

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