Wake Up Inspired: Fuel Healthier Success and Love the Life You're Meant to Lead.

Author:Middendorf, Bobbye
Position:Book review

Work Title: Wake Up Inspired: Fuel Healthier Success and Love the Life You're Meant to Lead

Work Author(s): Marian Baker

New Story Press

256 pages, Softcover $17.95

Mind, Body & Spirit

ISBN: 0977905926

Reviewer: Bobbye Middendorf

While a yearning and search for meaning is not new, millions of hard-working achievers (especially women) are discovering that something is missing in their drive to succeed. As dissatisfaction reaches epic proportions among aging Boomers and their younger counterparts, numerous gurus have offered assistance.

This author, a Master Certified Coach selected as one of fifty top coaches in America, offers enthusiasm and humility in an unexpected yet effective package. A former six-figure-income executive, she has lived through crises to blaze a trail. Baker explores a productive and holistic middle way that bridges the chasm between ambition and spiritual awareness, "bringing the best of mind-body-spirit wholeness to professionals without too much ... woo-woo."

Even more appealing is the likable personality that comes through her writing, reflected in refreshing comments such as: "I'm asserting that we can be on a quest for higher consciousness and a great shoe sale in the same lifetime."

Spotlighting this search for authenticity, she notes: "The revolution I speak of is a movement towards becoming whole and experiencing a harmony between who you are deep inside and how you function in the outer world." The constant juxtaposition between working on one's inner being and at the same time creating results in the outer world is a challenge that is too often shunted aside for quick and easy fixes in the either-or category. (Either people are working on ambitious worldly success, or they're on an inner spiritual path.) Few have the courage to draw the two together with a comprehensive and holistic approach. Baker does so with distinction, wit, and good cheer.

Dubbed "The Queen of Powerful Questions" by a leader at Coaches Training Institute, Baker asks productive questions meant to unearth potent insights when used mindfully. For example, "How do I combine spiritual growth and real world achievement? ... Am I willing to love myself enough to create the life I am meant to lead? ... What are the most compassionate and smart ways to set yourself up to succeed?" and one that reflects the process of conscious choosing in any given moment: "What choice would have you feeling taller?" Pondering that question for a moment will...

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