Voting for life.

Author:Archibold, John E.
Position:Letter to the editor

In "How We Got to Where We Are" (Public Square, January), Richard John Neuhaus states that in 1972 too many Republicans were backing the abortion license--for instance, Colorado governor Richard Lamm. In fact, Richard Lamm is not a Republican but a Democrat. Furthermore, the Colorado governor in 1972 was not Richard Lamm but Republican John Vanderhoof, who succeeded John A. Love, who on April 25, 1967, signed the first legislation in the United States authorizing abortion. In 1970, State Representative Lamm proposed further legislation to expand the abortion license, which failed in the State Senate on an 18-17 vote. Twelve of the fifteen State Senate Democrats voted against that proposed legislation. Today there is not one pro-life member in either house of the Colorado legislature who is a Democrat.

John E. Archibold

Denver, Colorado

Thanks to Father Neuhaus for his useful treatment of George McKenna's article in Human Life Review regarding Democrats, Republicans, and abortion. Although this will not bring tears to the eyes of FIRST THINGS editors, liberally inclined Catholics like myself who take the...

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