Vote for a change: Macomb County considers a county executive.

Author:Wade, Sebastian

On May 6, 2008 Macomb County voters will have the opportunity to decide to adopt a county executive form of government. With a county executive, Macomb County would be well positioned, along with Wayne and Oakland Counties and the Cityof Detroit, in address tough regional issues like transit, Cobo Hall and water and sewer issues.


The Chamber has long supported efficient, responsive and accountable county government. In the mid-eighties the Chamber was integral in the Home Rule Charter process that established the county executive form of government in Wayne County. At that time, Wayne County had 27 commissioners, a number of antiquated boards and independent commissions. It was considered financial chaos.

Wayne County voters overwhelmingly approved the new Home Rule Charter and elected its first county executive in 1982. With the adoption of the new executive form of government, reforms took place that reduced the number of county commissioners and placed the responsibility for day-to-day essential services in the office on the county executive. The charter called for the executive to present, with commission concurrence, a balanced budget, which put Wayne County on...

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