Volcano Percussion Jack Costanzo "Mr. Bongo" Signature Model Bongos.



Volcano Percussion has recently introduced its new Jack Costanzo "Mr. Bongó" Signature Model Bongos. Costanzo is one of North America's leading living legends from the realms of jazz and Latin jazz, for over 65 years, as an active bongó player, conga player, bandleader and arranger. While collaborating with Tom Alexander (production manager and main artisan of Volcano Percussion) on this signature model, Mr. Costanzo indicated that his main concern was a bongo drum design with the added strength of a "diesel truck."

Costanzo offered the following comments: "I desire a set of bongos that are beautiful and produce an excellent sound, like the finest musical instruments of the world, but they also need to be shock resistant due to the abuse and the quick changes of instruments we percussionists constantly make on stage. Volcano Percussion got it right! In all the years I've been playing, these are the best looking, finest sounding and absolutely strongest bongos I've ever owned. Volcano has made the crowns, lugs and lower...

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