Table of Contents

Publication year2012
CitationVol. 35 No. 04


Table of Contents

SUMMER 2012-#30Strengthening Investment in Public Corporations Through the UncorporationKelli A. Alces

SUMMER 2012-#31The Post-Revolutionary Period in Corporate Law: Returning to the Theory of the FirmMatthew T. Bodie

SUMMER 2012-#32Mind Control: Firms and the Production of IdeasAnthony J. Casey

SUMMER 2012-#33Theories of the Firm and Judicial UncertaintyAndrew S. Gold

SUMMER 2012-#34Salomon Redux: The Moralities of BusinessAllan C. Hutchinson and Ian Langlois

SUMMER 2012-#35Law and Legal Theory in the History of Corporate Responsibility: Corporate PersonhoodLyman Johnson

SUMMER 2012-#36Nevada and the Market for Corporate LawBruce H. Kobayashi and Larry E. Ribstein

SUMMER 2012-#37We Don't Need You Anymore: Corporate Social Responsibilities, Executive Class Interests, and Solving Mizruchi and Hirschman's ParadoxRichard Marens

SUMMER 2012-#38Hired to Invent vs. Work Made For Hire: Resolving the Inconsistency Among Rights of Corporate Personhood, Authorship, and InventorshipSean M. O'Connor

SUMMER 2012-#39Coase, Knight, and the Nexus-of-Contracts Theory of the Firm: A Reflection on Reification, Reality, and the Corporation as Entrepreneur SurrogateCharles R. T. O'Kelley

SUMMER 2012-#40The Evolution of the American Corporation and Global Organizational BiodiversityUgo Pagano

SUMMER 2012-#41The Citizen Shareholder: Modernizing the Agency Paradigm to Reflect How and Why a Majority of Americans Invest in the MarketAnne Tucker

SUMMER 2012-#42A Shallow Harbor and a Cold Horizon: The Deceptive Promise of Modern Agency Law for the Theory of the FirmDavid A. Westbrook

SUMMER 2012-#43The Future of SocialismRobert Paul Wolff

SUMMER 2012-#44Consumer Lock-In and the Theory of the FirmDavid G. Yosifon

SUMMER 2012-#45Rethinking the Nature of the Firm: The Corporation as a Governance ObjectPeer Zumbansen

SUMMER 2012-#46Must the House Always Win?: A Critique of Rousso v. StateRachel J. Schaefer

SUMMER 2012-#47Order for the Courts: Reforming the Nollan/Dolan Threshold Inquiry for ExactionsWinfield B. Martin

SUMMER 2012-#48Members Only: The Need for Reform in U.S. Intercountry Adoption PolicyColin Joseph Troy

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