Innovation in Law Practice

Publication year2020
CitationVol. 33 No. 4 Pg. 38
Innovation in Law Practice
Vol. 33 No. 4 Pg. 38
Utah Bar Journal
August, 2020

July, 2020

Shared Stories of Innovation: Lessons from the Innovation in Law Practice Committee from Work During Times of Restriction

By the Innovation in Law Practice Committee.

This article was intended as a service to our colleagues in the Bar. We know lawyers are a creative bunch by nature and that you bring all kinds of flexibility and adaptation to your role in ordinary times. Yes, these are hardly ordinary times…so we know that your practice is likely full of resilience and opportunity for interesting workarounds. We have assembled a few stories from the members of the Innovation in Law Practice Committee to help you think of options that have yet to be considered to help you know that others are going through similar stresses and change and that our community will emerge stronger and more capable after working remotely and abiding by required restrictions. Even though we may be doing business differently, we know we can continue to serve our clients and the rule of law. And what we have learned from this extraordinary time is that change and resilience are the order of our profession, so we will bring the best of what we have learned to our industry in the future.

A Lesson from Law School by Tina Wilder

I remember being in our dedicated technology training classroom at BYU Law School when I learned the university would be temporarily closing and would reconvene exclusively online for the remainder of the semester due to COVID-19.

In order to help prepare law students for what has been an ever-changing environment, Dean Gordon Smith and the Dean for Career Services, Rebecca Van Uitert, forecasted the technology skills needed by our law students in order to succeed in this rapidly changing environment. One of those skills that they identified early on was the ability to use remote desktop software. To accomplish these goals of preparing students with adequate technology skills, our law library deputy director, Shawn Nevers, identified Pluralsight. Pluralsight offers on-demand, in-depth technology trainings. Pluralsight had one training specifically on remote desktop technology for both Mac and Windows operating systems. We utilized these trainings to help prepare students for the possibility that their summer internships may also go online and they might need to be able to remote desktop into work.

These efforts by our school’s Legal Technology...

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