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JurisdictionUtah,United States
CitationVol. 33 No. 4 Pg. 49
Publication year2020
State Bar News
Vol. 33 No. 4 Pg. 49
Utah Bar Journal
August, 2020

July, 2020

President-Elect and Bar Commission Election Results

Heather Thuet was successful in her retention election as President-elect of the Bar. She will serve as President-elect for the 2020–2021 year and then become President for 2021–2022. Congratulations goes to Marty Moore who ran unopposed in the First Division, as well as Mark Morris, Andrew Morse, and Traci Gundersen who were elected in the Third Division. Sincere appreciation goes to all of the candidates for their great campaigns and thoughtful involvement in the Bar and the profession.

Mandatory Online Licensing and Extension of Late Fees

The annual Bar licensing renewal process has begun and can be done online only. An email containing the necessary steps to re-license online at was sent on June 5th. Online renewals and fees must be submitted by July 1st and will be late November 1st. Your license will be suspended unless the online renewal is completed and payment received by December 1st. Upon completion of the online renewal process, you will receive a licensing confirmation email.

To receive support for your online licensing transaction, please contact us either by email to or, call 801-297-7021. Additional information on licensing policies, procedures, and guidelines can be found at

This one-time extension by 90 days of the deadlines for the assessment of late fees and suspension for non-payment is for this licensing year only.

Remember to check YES during licensing to make sure you are signed up to receive

Pro Bono Honor Roll

The Utah State Bar and Utah Legal Services wish to thank these volunteers for accepting a pro bono case or helping at a free legal clinic during April and May. To volunteer call the Utah State Bar Access to Justice Department at (801) 297-7049 or go to to fill out our Check Yes! Pro Bono volunteer survey.

Private Guardian ad Litem

Laura Hansen

Paul Waldron

Sherri Walton

Family Justice Center

Steve Averett

Elaine Cochran

Michael Harrison

Leilani Maldonado

Brandon Merrill

Babata Sonnenburg

Nancy Van Slooten

Bankruptcy Case – Utah Legal Services

Nelson Abbott

Paul Benson

Robert Culas

Timothy Larsen

Lillian Meredith

Nathan Reeve

Peter Richins

Michael Roche

Ryan Simpson

Theodore Stokes

Kristin K. Woods

Expungement Case – Utah Legal Services

Kathryn Bleazard

Marca Tanner Brewington

James Cannon

Diane Card

Cole Cooper

Gretchen Lee

Jojo Liu

Andres Morelli

Crystal Powell

McKinley Silvers

Ryan Snow

Jason Sweat

Aubri Thomas

Family Law Case – Utah Legal Services

Nicholas Babilis

Kathryn Bleazard

Marca Tanner Brewington

Justin Caplin

Brent Chipman

Travis Christiansen

Mary Corporon

Brian Craig

Angilee Dakic

Scott Dansie

William Fontenot

Aaron Garrett

Kaitlyn Gibbs

Michael Harrington

Barry Huntington

Eric Johnson

Jeremy Jones

Zachary Lindley

Orlando Luna

Emily Mabey

Chad McKay

Richard Mellen

Keil Myers

Tulsi Patel

James Phillips

Al Pranno

Devin Quackenbush

James Robertson

Jacolby Roemer

Babata Sonnenberg

Martin Stolz

Mark H. Tanner

Reid Tateoka

Stacey Tellus

Jacob Tuimaualuga

Samuel Woodall

Christina Zavell

David Zeidner

Guardianship Case – Utah Legal Services

Stephen Buhler

Name Change Case – Utah Legal Services

Brent Chipman

Probate Case – Utah Legal Services

Jacolby Roemer

Diploma Privilege Candidate Expungement Case – Utah Legal Services

Clark Amundson

Candace Waters

Family Law Case – Utah Legal Services

Anna Christiansen

Jonathan Ence

Grace Johnson

Amber McFee

Katie Okelberry

Seth Russell

Cory Thompson

Derek Walton

C. Chase Wilde

Jaime Wiley

Timpanogos Legal Center

Steve Averett

Cleve Burns

Marca Tanner-Brewington

Nancy Van Slooten

SUBA Talk to a Lawyer Legal Clinic

Britt Beckstrom

Len Carson

Travis Christiansen

Bill Frazier

Jake Graff

Jenny Jones

Christian Kesselring

Chantelle Petersen

Trent Seegmiller

Utah Bar’s Virtual Legal Clinic

Dan Black

Mike Black

Russell Blood

Jill Coil

John Cooper


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