Vol. 14, No. 5a, Pg. i. Table of Contents.

South Carolina Lawyer


Vol. 14, No. 5a, Pg. i.

Table of Contents

South Carolina LawyerVolume 14, Number 5aTable of ContentsVol. 14, No. 5a, Pg. 14A practical guide to understanding state and federal tax obligations based on worker classificationBy Anthony E. RebolloVol. 14, No. 5a, Pg. 20Oh the software you'll find! Finding the right time and billing software for your firmBy Courtney KennadayVol. 14, No. 5a, Pg. 26Contingency fees and interest in collecting back child support and alimonyBy Gregory S. FormanVol. 14, No. 5a, Pg. 32When copying becomes criminal The stiff criminal penalties...

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