A Voice in the Night.

Author:Burton, Lynn
Position:Brief article - Book review

A Voice in the Night

GeorgeAnne Smith

Publish America

P.O. Box 151, Frederick, MD 21705

www.publishamerica.com (301) 695-1707

ISBN: 1413794890, $14.95, 75 pp.

It's always refreshing to find new voices in poetry. In GeorgeAnne Smith's "A Voice in the Night", the poems shared are ones of everyday thoughts, joys and trials of love and simple pleasures. With a gentle, easy to read style these poems will touch your heart and make you think. One of my favorites is "Nature's Gifts".

'A whisper upon unseen wind,/as a breeze gently blows/The quiet stillness of grass/in awakened earth, it grows/A gull on the wing, soaring/over the waves of blue/Palm trees stand tall, swaying,/dancing to the lovers woo/Sand dunes, white, deserts own,/in paradise complete/Rolling hills of...

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