VMC features 180[degrees] swivel table.

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System 3 is a line of single or twin spindle CNC vertical machining centers with a large 180[degrees] swivel work table design that allows simultaneous machining operations as well as loading/unloading of workpieces--resulting in virtually nonstop productivity for all types of batch runs. The key feature on System 3 machines is the rugged 180[degrees] swivel table with two separated clamping surfaces, ergonomically designed for easy access and safety. The worktable can accommodate up to 1,155lb workpieces, plus the unique enclosure allows free chip fall, suitable for wet or dry machining.

High rigidity headstocks are available with single or twin spindle technology. On the twin model, spindles can be provided on 10.47"/12.59"/15.74" centers for simultaneous machining of larger parts. The spindle cartridges are direct drive and are easily accessed for maintenance and changeover. Tool changers with...

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