Village of 100, 3rd ed.

Author:Ellet, Bill
Position:Video recording review

Village of 100, 3rd ed., Video, 2006, ATS Media, $395.

I have reviewed Village of 100 through three editions. I gave the first and second a four-star rating, the highest on the TMR scale, and the third deserves the same--only more so. For this era in corporate learning, the video and compact support package are probably as close to ideal as one can get.


At three minutes, the video can be shown in nooks and crannies of a workday. It makes a resounding and lasting impression: a clear message that the world is not quite the place many of us think it is. A post-viewing discussion will likely require little intervention from a facilitator, and most participants won't walk out the door thinking their time has just been wasted.

Who is in our village?

The program metaphor expresses the demographics of the world's population in terms of 100 people. In this "village," 13 are from the Western Hemisphere (North and South America), 12 are Europeans, and 75 are from other parts of the world, including 60 from Asia.

Those numbers are surprising, but some numbers are shocking. For example, 80 live in substandard housing, and 50 suffer from malnutrition. Can you imagine actually living in an actual village like this?

Altogether, the video gives 22 ways of dividing up the village. (Each edition updates the numbers.) On many levels, from business to humanitarian concerns, this program leaves a strong...

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