Vienna / four east.

Author:Gutstein, Dan

I hang Misses Anne's clean clothes. She is not exactly here right now though she is around me. Walker in hallway, rocker in lounge. In rooms just like hers crying, "Help! Help!," she is around me. The locked wing. Body going on ninety, mind going on the flight to Vienna. And going on the same open-carriage flight in which the youngest freezes to his mother's old coat This, from the moment her wakefulness is itched. Until dusk, when it is no longer the Cossacks she fears but the angle of sun, and she is then joined by the others locked inside Four East. Not the night rising but the day falling. Sundowning. It could explain the "Help! Help!" next door so loud the nurse finally attends. It is my grandmother next door. The nurse calls her Misses Anne, says, "Misses Anne's been lost in the...

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