Video review: combating computer viruses.

Author:Fischer, Marti
Position:Video Recording Review

TITLE: Computer Virus Attack: Defending Against Viruses and Hackers

PRODUCER: Commonwealth Films


LENGTH: 15 minutes, 40 seconds

PRICE: $707 U.S.

MEDIA: Available in CD-ROM or VHS

SOURCE: ARMA International (; previews and rentals available from Commonwealth Films (, 617.262.5634

It's easy to take computers for granted. Most people forget how dependent individuals and businesses are on technology and how vulnerable they are because of that dependence--that is, until they are attacked by a computer virus and have to watch helplessly as the virus takes over their computers, networks, and perhaps their entire computing infrastructure. For the millions of people and organizations that have been victims of multiple virus attacks on their home or work computers, and especially for those who have managed to evade computer viruses thus far, the new offering from Commonwealth Films, Computer Virus Attack: Defending Against Viruses and Hackers, can provide some insights to help users protect themselves from future attacks.

This new video delivers the message that everyone is vulnerable to virus attacks: at home, in the office, on laptops, and on handhelds. Computer users must be continuously vigilant and diligent to minimize any possible impact from viruses. While the message is not particularly new, this video showcases it within the framework of a fictitious corporate setting, adding a touch of the "a-ha!" factor with different, common scenarios with which everyone can identify because almost every working individual experiences them every day: opening e-mail attachments, downloading Internet files, forwarding virus warnings to friends, and visiting unfamiliar Web sites. As such, the message resonates with all computer users.

The video begins with a virus programmer launching his "MalMail" virus via posting a purported music file to a newsgroup Internet site. The virus is spread by people unwittingly downloading this file from the newsgroup site. The virus eventually makes its way to the fictitious multinational company, where it spreads like wildfire, sending confidential corporate files to outside contacts stored in employee address books. With the help of the subject company's anti-virus manager, viewers explore the spread of MalMail through the corporation while discussing various related information technology threats, such as:

* E-Mail and Viruses: E-mail users should be...

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