Various Artists Live at Jelly's--Club Havana Summer Salsa Series 2008.

Author:Varela, Jesse
Position:Sound recording review


Live at Jelly's Club

Havana Summer Salsa Series 2008


The seven tracks represented on this homespun compilation are a great example of the caliber salsa being produced in the San Francisco Bay Area today. Recorded live over the summer of 2008 at the Sunday afternoon " Club Havana" dance sessions, the collection opens with Louie Romero & Mazacote performing Si Tu No, La Otra. It features Manny Martinez on vocals, who leads the band into a high energy spin with a strong and potent performance. The top-notch musicianship reflects in the great solos from the instrumentalists like Peter Cornell (sax). But it's Romero who takes it over the top with a rhythmically inventive solo demonstrating why he is a legend around these parts.


Of the bands represented, Anthony Blea y su Charanga, Ritmo y Armonia, and Avance, have all recorded and released album projects, but it's those unrecorded bands like Karibali, co-led by Karl Perrazzo and Michael Spiro, that unveil the...

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