Flamenco- Son Del Sur


Featuring a wide range of prominent representatives of both traditional and modern leagues of the flamenco idiom, the compilation entitled Flamenco: Son del Sur covers 31 years (1966-1997) of Spain's musical history. The anthology is particularly enriched with a variety of phenomenal singers, including Enrique Morente, Lole Montoya, Carmen Linares, and Remedios Amaya.

Some of the tracks reflect the ever-relevant significance of the transatlantic phenomenon initially identified as cantes de ida y vuelta (two-way songs). Notice how La chambelona, usually known in Cuba as a carnavalesque conga march, becomes a so-called tango rumbero when handled by the Andalusian vocal chords of Pericón de Cadiz. Or how his female cante colleague, Dolores de Córdoba adapts the bolero-ranchera Echame a mí la culpa to the flamenco variation known as bulerías.

This collection documents the birth of the real...

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