Valuable resources!(INdustry INroads)

Author:Bailey, Denise A.

Did you know that the NDTA has several functional national committees? Specifically, there are six committees: Military Airlift, Sealift, Surface Transportation, Passenger Travel Services, Security Best Practices and Distribution.

They consist of senior executives from NDTA's corporate membership and address major national transportation and passenger travel issues. Committees may be asked to participate with government agencies to provide alternatives to major transportation problems pertaining to National Security. I would like to highlight three of these committees and ask you to consider, "How can my company get involved to make the most of this valuable resource?"

Jim Henry, President of the Transportation Institute, heads our Military Sealift Committee, which is charged with examining critical issues of national sealift capability and recommending solutions, an objective requiring close coordination and involvement with the MSC. This committee also serves as a forum to defense-versus-civil sector issues and general national issues of interest to all.

Daryl Deel, CEO of R & R Trucking, Inc., heads the Surface Transportation Committee, which is charged with identifying and examining surface transportation operations and policies and recommending solutions for improvement. This requires close coordination and involvement with the SDDC. The Surface...

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