Every year, Utah Business honors those law firms that have been deemed the "Legal Elite" by their peers. Lawyers go through an extensive voting process to nominate their colleagues for this esteemed position of excellence. A third-party panel comprised of previously honored lawyers vets and verifies that list, ensuring that only the best and brightest are honored each year. With no further ado, we are proud to introduce you to the 2019 Legal Elite.

ARBITRATION/MEDIATION William B. Bohling Bohling Mediation Susan C. Bradford Bradford Mediation Francis Carney FJC-ADR, LLC Geoffrey C. Haslam Christensen & Jensen Todd Hilbig Morgan Minnock Rice & Miner Karin S. Hobbs Hobbs Mediation Paul Matthews Utah Arbitration & Mediation Jeffrey C. Miner Morgan Minnock Rice & Miner Michael D. Zimmerman Zimmerman Booher BANKING/FINANCIAL Wayne Z. Bennett Clyde Snow & Sessions Brian D. Cunningham Snell & Wilmer T. Richard Davis Prince Yeates & Geldzahler Gary E. Doctorman Parsons Behle & Latimer Ezekiel R. Dumke Dumke Law, LLP Kevin G. Glade Ray Quinney & Nebeker Clint Hanni Richards Brandt Miller & Nelson Brad D. Hardy B Hardy Law, LLC Scott Irwin Holland & Hart James Jones Snell & Wilmer Randall M. Larsen Gilmore & Bell John B. Lindsay Kirton McConkie Kenneth Logsdon Holland & Hart Michael D. Mayfield Ray Quinney & Nebeker Blake D. Miller Anderson & Karrenberg Jerold Oldroyd Ballard Spahr Blake K. Wade Gilmore & Bell BANKRUPTGY/WORKOUT Adam S. Affleck Prince Yeates & Geldzahler James W. Anderson Clyde Snow & Sessions Troy Aramburu Snell & Wilmer Marlon L. Bates Scalley Reading Bates Hansen & Rasmussen David P. Billings Fabian VanCott Darwin H. Bingham Scalley Reading Bates Hansen & Rasmussen Matthew M. Boley Cohne Kinghorn Kenneth L. Cannon, II Durham Jones & Pinegar Joseph M. Covey Parr Brown Gee & Loveless P. Matthew Cox Snow Christensen & Martineau T. Edward Cundick Prince Yeates & Geldzahler Anna W. Drake Anna Drake, LLC Tammy Georgelas Parsons Behle & Latimer George B. Hofmann Cohne Kinghorn Peggy Hunt Dorsey & Whitney Annette Jarvis Dorsey & Whitney Michael R. Johnson Ray Quinney & Nebeker Penrod W. Keith Durham Jones & Pinegar David H. Leigh Ray Quinney & Nebeker David E. Leta Snell & Wilmer Steven J. McCardell Durham Jones & Pinegar Douglas M. Monson Ray Quinney & Nebeker William Morrison Morrison Law Office Sherilyn Olsen Holland & Hart Douglas J. Payne Fabian VanCott Nathan Seim Dorsey & Whitney Jeffrey W. Shields Jones Waldo Steven C. Strong Cohne Kinghorn Michael F. Thomson Dorsey & Whitney Steven Waterman Dorsey & Whitney Michael N. Zundel Prince Yeates & Geldzahler CIVIL LITIGATION John A. Adams Ray Quinney & Nebeker Adam Alba Magleby Cataxinos & Greenwood Kevin N. Anderson Fabian VanCott Mark L. Anderson Goebel Anderson Nathan D. Ashcraft Hansen Black Anderson Ashcraft Randy T. Austin Kirton McConkie P. Bruce Badger Fabian VanCott J. Michael Bailey Parsons Behle & Latimer Edwin C. Barnes Clyde Snow & Sessions James Barnett Holland & Hart Thomas R. Barton Prince Yeates & Geldzahler Ryan Bell Kunzler Bean & Adamson Blaine J. Benard Holland & Hart James C. Bergstedt Prince Yeates & Geldzahler Ken Black Stoel Rives Jason D. Boren Ballard Spahr Scot A. Boyd Christensen & Jensen J. Brady Brammer Spaulding Law George Burbidge Christensen & Jensen Richard D. Burbidge Burbidge | Mitchell Jody K. Burnett Snow Christensen & Martineau Doyle Byers Holland & Hart Keith A. Call Snow Christensen & Martineau Matthew Cannon Ray Quinney & Nebeker Deborah R. Chandler Anderson & Karrenberg Erik Christiansen Parsons Behle & Latimer Stephen K. Christiansen Stephen K. Christiansen Law Robert S. Clark Parr Brown Gee & Loveless Andrew Collins Mitchell Barlow & Mansfield Timothy Conde Stoel Rives Timothy C. Curtis Goebel Anderson Timothy J. Dance Snell & Wilmer Andrew Deiss Deiss Law Peter Donaldson Durham Jones & Pinegar Alexander Dushku Kirton McConkie Sean N. Egan Sean N. Egan Richard F. Ensor Michael Best & Friedrich Matthew N. Evans Ray Quinney & Nebeker Richard D. Flint Holland & Hart J. Tayler Fox Durham Jones & Pinegar William G. Garbina Cohne Kinghorn J. Mark Gibb Durham Jones & Pinegar James D. Gilson Durham Jones & Pinegar Heidi G. Goebel Goebel Anderson Jonathan 0. Hafen Parr Brown Gee & Loveless George M. Haley Holland & Hart R. Blake Hamilton Durham Jones & Pinegar Ryan Hancey Kesler & Rust Clint R. Hansen Fabian VanCott John Harrington Holland & Hart Robert P. Harrington Ray Quinney & Nebeker D. Jason Hawkins Snow Christensen & Martineau Justin D. Heideman Heideman & Associates Brian H. Hess Morgan Minnock Rice & Miner Stephen T. Hester Cohne Kinghorn Christopher S. Hill Kirton McConkie Lincoln W. Hobbs Hobbs & Olson Jeremy M. Hoffman Young Hoffman Chris Hogle Holland & Hart Gregory N. Hoole Hoole & King Michael T. Hoppe Parr Brown Gee & Loveless Jeffrey J. Hunt Parr Brown Gee & Loveless Mark James Hatch James & Dodge James S. Jardine Ray Quinney Nebeker Barry Johnson Bennett Tueller Johnson & Deere Brent Johnson Holland & Hart Michael D. Johnston Kirton McConkie David J. Jordan Stoel Rives Thomas R. Karrenberg Anderson & Karrenberg Kristopher Kaufman Farr Kaufman Stephen D. Kelson Christensen & Jensen Matthew Lalli Snell & Wilmer Derek Langton Parsons Behle & Latimer Alex B. Leeman Prince Yeates & Geldzahler Scott M. Lilja Fabian VanCott John Lund Parsons Behle & Latimer John W. Mackay Ray Quinney & Nebeker James E. Magelby Magelby Cataxinos & Greenwood Milo Steven Marsden Dorsey & Whitney R. Stephen Marshall Marshall Olson & Hull Romaine C. Marshall Stoel Rives Byron G. Martin Strong & Hanni Chris Martinez Dorsey & Whitney Justin Matkin Parr Brown Gee & Loveless Eric G. Maxfield Holland & Hart Roger W. McConkie Workman Nydegger James W. McConkie, III Workman Nydegger Jason McNeill McNeill | Von Maack Stacy J. McNiell Bennett Tueller Johnson & Deere Florence M. Miller Prince Yeates & Geldzahler J. Ryan Mitchell Mitchell Barlow & Mansfield Melinda Morgan Michael Best & Friedrich Mark 0. Morris Snell & Wilmer Matt Moscon Stoel Rives P. Matthew Muir Jones Waldo Kimberly Neville Dorsey & Whitney Erik A. Olson Marshall Olson & Hull Timothy Pack Clyde Snow & Sessions Z. Ryan Pahnke Ray Quinney & Nebeker Stewart Peay Snell & Wilmer Kendall Peterson Peterson Nykamp Michael Petrogeorge Parsons Behle & Latimer Terry Plant Plant Christensen & Kanell Barbara K. Polich Antczak Polich Law, LLC Mark Pugsley Ray Quinney & Nebeker Spencer H. Reed Prince Yeates & Geldzahler Darren Reid Holland & Hart David C. Reymann Parr Brown Gee & Loveless Shawn T. Richards Kirton McConkie Gregory S. Roberts Ray Quinney & Nebeker Walter A. Romney, Jr. Clyde Snow & Sessions John Rooker Jones Waldo Terence L. Rooney Gross & Rooney Jonathan H. Rupp Scalley Reading Bates Hansen & Rasmussen Ronald G. Russell Parr Brown Gee & Loveless Stephen M. Sansom Holland & Hart Peter C. Schofield Kirton McConkie Rafael Seminario Richards Brandt Miller Nelson PaulShakespear Snell & Wilmer John A. Snow Prince Yeates & Geldzahler Tyler Snow Christensen & Jensen James L. Spendlove JensenBayles Mitchell Stephens Hatch James & Dodge Matthew A. Steward Clyde Snow & Sessions Jeremy J. Stewart Snell & Wilmer Samuel Straight Ray Quinney & Nebeker Evan S. Strassberg Michael Best & Friedrich Alan L. Sullivan Snell & Wilmer Cory Talbot Holland & Hart Benjamin P. Thomas Strong & Hanni Peggy A. Tomsic Magleby Cataxinos & Greenwood Justin T. Toth Ray Quinney & Nebeker Melanie Vartabedian Ballard Spahr Katherine E. Venti Parsons Behle & Latimer Eric Vogeler Bennett Tueller Johnson & Deere Christopher M. Von Maack McNeill | Von Maack Shawn Welch Holland & Hart Bradley J. Weber Weber Law Group Terry E. Welch Parr Brown Gee & Loveless Jeffery S. Williams Nelson Christensen Hollingworth & Williams Zach L. Winzeler Parsons Behle & Latimer Brent D. Wride Ray Quinney & Nebeker Robert Wright Richards Brandt Miller Nelson COLLECTION LAW Ronald W. Ady Ronald Ady CONSTRUCTION Brian J. Babcock Babcock Scott & Babcock Robert F. Babcock Babcock Scott & Babcock Peter Barlow Strong & Hanni Stevan R. Baxter Skoubye Nielson & Johansen Wilford A. Beesley Wilford Beesley, PC Brian D. Bolinder Richards Brandt Miller Nelson John N. Braithwaite Plant Christensen & Kanell Craig C. Coburn Richards Brandt Miller Nelson Stanford P. Fitts Strong & Hanni Douglas E Griffith Kesler & Rust Stephen Hale Parr Brown Gee & Loveless Lincoln D. Harris Richards Brandt...

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