Utah fiscal analyst Jonathan Ball wins gold.

Position:AWARD - Steven D. Gold Award

Jonathan C. Ball, director of Utah's Office of the Legislative Fiscal Analyst, is this year's winner of the Steven D. Gold Award for his significant contributions to public financial management in intergovernmental relations and state and local finance. Ball is being honored for strengthening the legislative institution through his outstanding work in developing effective training materials in the art of legislative fiscal analysis.

Ball leads a team of nonpartisan finance experts and economists who forecast state revenue, recommend budgets, estimate the cost of proposed legislation and staff the Utah Legislature's appropriations committees. His innovative uses of technology to make budget information more easily accessible to policymakers and the public has won him numerous awards, including NCSL's Online Democracy Award for the Utah Legislature's website. He's been on the faculty of the Legislative Staff Management Institute, is a frequent speaker on budget and revenue policy at national meetings, and is a regular guest lecturer at various state universities.

He has enjoyed 20 years of public service, including jobs in the executive and legislative branches of both state and federal government. Before moving to Utah, Ball held positions at the Joint Economic Committee of...

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