Author:Bentz, Ana

There was a time when you wouldn't think of Salt Lake City as a hub for major business. But over the past decade, Utah has transformed itself into a thriving commercial market similar to the likes of Silicon Valley. Elite-level businesses from around the globe increasingly consider the state an attractive alternative to gateway markets on the east and west coasts. Leading companies and investors want to work, live, and play in Utah. But what exactly makes the environment so appealing?


"Utah has been, and continues to be, a great home for us," says Anita Grantham, chief people officer at Plural-sight, Inc. According to her, Plural-sight chose to make a presence in the state back in 2004 due to the overall experience Utah brought the company and their people. "Both our team members who are from Utah and who have relocated here love the lifestyle Utah offers them. They get to enjoy Utah's low cost-of-living and high quality of life, spending time outdoors with friends and family, all while doing meaningful and fulfilling work in their careers."

Founded in Farmington, Pluralsight bootstrapped its way to becoming one of the most promising tech unicorns nationally--receiving approximately $200 million dollars in series funding and filing for IPO in early 2018. Just like Pluralsight, the list of homegrown Utah businesses achieving critical acclaim on a global scale is rapidly growing.

Local organizations aren't the only groups looking for a long-term Utah home base. In 2017, a survey from Salt Lake City's Downtown Alliance discovered that when organizations were deciding whether to relocate, establish or continue growing in Utah, their number one concern was creating work-life balance for employees. In other words, in the toss-up between choosing an affordable location or an enjoyable one, enjoyable typically wins out in the end. However, in the case of Utah, it is entirely possible to find both.


Great culture and picturesque surroundings were a few of the reasons why global software giant, Adobe, invested in Silicon Slopes. "[Utah has] proven to be a solid business decision," says Jonathan Francom, vice president of employee and workplace solutions at Adobe. "Adobe chose to establish a long-term presence in Utah due to the region's vibrant communities, business-friendly environment and its highly-educated and skilled talent base."

With a business-friendly climate and an atmosphere of great cultural and...

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