USTRANSCOM Primed to Leverage Analytics and Engineering in 2020 and Beyond.

There's a giant screen projecting operational information into the heart of US Transportation Command's Global Operations Center (GOC). Based on this incoming data, decision-makers want to know how best to respond based on a globally integrated understanding of both demand and capacity, and the impact on wartime readiness.

To develop options, redirect mobility efforts based on changing priorities, or find alternatives when operations are disrupted, USTRANSCOM and its component commands depend on analysis that transforms data into useful information.

"When analytics do the complex work, we're free to think about solutions," said John DeLapp, head of the futures division in the Joint Distribution and Process Analysis Center (JDPAC) within USTRANSCOM.

The integration of analytics into command processes and decisions is an ongoing, collaborative effort between the multiple functional organizations such as the GOC and JDPAC. These efforts capture and integrate data; create visual representations of key indicators; forecast workload, network, or asset availability; and account for constraints so that energy is focused on the most important work--delivering results across the Joint Deployment and Distribution Enterprise (JDDE).


JDPAC has outlined a plan to deliver the critical analytic and engineering products necessary to improve the nation's ability to project and sustain the joint force.

"Our mission is to address our nation's toughest mobility challenges," said Bruce Busier, JDPAC Director.

"Above all else, our leaders and those we support must be able to trust JDPAC to deliver insightful products and recommendations, with unwavering confidence in our credibility," said Busier. "The data is absolutely necessary, but we're in the business of delivering analytic products and enabling a broader community of analytic practitioners to transform the data into actionable information on complex issues and address challenging problems."

"Gen. [Stephen] Lyons, the USTRANSCOM Commander, has us intensely focused on the command's priorities," said Busier "Warfighting readiness and enabling consequential decision-making are at the top of the list. These priorities are critical components for future success and, thus, the target of our analytic efforts."

JDPAC is building on decades of success using operations research and transportation engineering to support the Department of Defense's global...

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