USTRANSCOM Completes Transportation Management System Proof of Principle.

Author:Kleiman, Michael P.
Position:United States Transportation Command

US Transportation Command (USTRANSCOM) recently completed a successful proof of principle (PoP) effort that fused a leading-edge, commercial-off-the-shelf, Transportation Management System (TMS) capability with government-integrated platforms. A TMS allows users to plan and execute the shipment of cargo of any kind more efficiently, reliably, and cost effectively. It has the potential to substantially increase USTRANSCOM's ability to manage its logistics enterprise by delivering enhanced air, sea, and land movement solutions, as well as real-time visibility of cargo from point-of-origin to destination.

The PoP started on Aug. 7, 2017, and during the next four months, the TMS team, along with the command's components, worked with industry and subject experts from across the joint deployment and distribution enterprise.

Together, they identified capabilities within numerous scenarios to "stress" a TMS and also validated that the system would support the command's transportation requirements.

Ultimately, the command's employment of TMS smartly leverages enterprise technologies to maintain America's competitive advantage in logistics operations. USTRANSCOM's TMS journey demonstrated the system:

* brings people, processes, technology, and data together across the organizational enterprise

* provides management and visibility of all transportation requirements and shipments in one system for optimized planning, including real-time deviation alerts and the ability to re-plan

* delivers the capacity for cost-informed options and end-to-end shipment financial visibility for fiscal improvement and audit-readiness compliance in a single system

"The world we live in today demands we do things differently than what was done yesterday. The pace of technology and information, as well as the changing character of war will not wait for us to catch up," said Gen Darren W. McDew, USAF, Commander, USTRANSCOM. "TMS supports the command's effort to evolve for tomorrow by enhancing our operational processes and supporting information technology to conduct efficient and effective multi-modal operations, while providing proven, end-to-end, best-practice transportation solutions."

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