Using Private Devices for Remote Work.

Some 62% of employees are extremely vulnerable to cybersecurity attacks due to using personal computers for remote work during the coronavirus pandemic, according to a NordVPN survey. Forty-two percent claim to use personal devices exclusively and 20% switch between personal and company laptops depending on convenience.

"Personal laptops might lack the necessary security software. On top of that, people tend to be more relaxed when using personal computers, and download games, browse dodgy websites, and click suspicious links," says Daniel Markuson, a digital privacy specialist at NordVPN. "What's interesting is that a whopping 28% of these users are IT professionals--people who should be aware of the risks associated with using personal gadgets."

However, despite failing to take the appropriate security measures, most respondents report they are quite organized when it comes to working from home: 74% have a dedicated office or desk for work; 11% use the kitchen table; five percent work from the sofa; and three percent have no set comfortable place and move around. Only two percent of respondents work from their beds.


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