User's perception of services quality of the Central Public Library Bahawalpur.

Author:Bhatti, Rubina
Position:Bahawalpur, Pakistan - Report


Public libraries play a very significant role in developing informational system for lifelong learning of the general public. Public libraries can access the global information by utilizing the virtue of information technology. Public library can provide access to the peer-reviewed online journals and help the individuals of the society in obtaining quality information for improving education, research and knowledge. Librarians working in public libraries can meet the new demands of the users by fulfilling their information needs in effective way (Haggstrom, 2004). Public libraries are crucial institutions for providing education. It is essential for adult education and improving literacy rate in any country (Akparobore, 2011). Public library is a cultural library that aims at satisfying the customer's information needs (Zhong, 2007). Public library can develop quality services to fulfill the needs of target market. Public library through careful planning strategies can attract the attention of potential users by encouraging them to use the library services for their needs (Change & Hsieh, 1996). Public libraries can tailor quality information services to meet the information needs of its users. Public libraries can attract users with careful marketing and planning strategies to attract the potential users (Nsieh, 1997). The Central Public Library Bahawalpur is regarded as a prestigious and historical institution of the City. It has a very fine building of classical Italian style of architecture. It was founded in 1924 by the Nawab Sir Sadiq Muhammad Khan Abbasi. It has three separate blocks for the users. The library possesses more than one lack collection of information to cater the information needs of the locality.

Problem Statement

Public libraries can play significant role in the development of information society in any country. Public libraries must build effective information services for satisfying educational and informational needs of its users. To provide effective information services, it is essential to measure the perception of library users with quality of library services in order to ascertain that whether the library is meeting the diversifying information needs of its users or not. The instant study has been conducted to achieve this aim.

Research Objectives

  1. To investigate the user's perceptions of services quality of The Central Public Library of Bahawalpur.

  2. To ascertain the purpose of using library resources and services.

  3. To explore the Problems faced by the users while using the library.

    Research Method

    Quantitative research method was used by adopting survey research technique. Study used literature based questionnaire to collect data from the respondents. The second researcher surveyed the Central Public Library of Bahawalpur and collected data from the respondents. Convenient sample of 50 respondents was taken due to shortage of users in the library during survey. The collected data was arranged, sorted, analyzed and interpreted in Chapter 4. SPSS was used to analyze the data. Descriptive statistics were applied to measure the degree of responses and to reach the results.

    Review of Related Studies

    Investigating user's perception regarding quality of library services is a fine tool to examine the role of library in providing effective information services to its user. It provides feedback for library administrations to evaluate library services and bring...

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