Used computers reach schools in Africa.

Position:Computer Aid International supplying used computers to african schools

According to the Website of an organization called Computer Aid International, in the United Kingdom (UK) alone approximately 3-million computers a year become obsolete. Many of them, says the organization, are in good working order.

The aim of the organization is to collect these working computers and donate them to schools in the developing world where 99 percent of school children have never even seen a computer.

In mid-July the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) aired a documentary that featured the organization and its commemoration of sending the 2000th computer to a non-profit organization in Kenya called Computers for Schools Kenya.

Computer Aid International not only provides refurbished computers for Africa, but it also provides jobs in the UK for disadvantaged workers who benefit from learning computer repair skills.

The program has been so successful that Computer Aid International claims that the organization is receiving more computers than they have organizations to distribute them to.

According to the BBC documentary, 8 out of 10 of the computers shipped by Computer Aid International go to Africa. To date, more than 40,000 computers have been sent to Africa. There are two main distribution centers on the continent, and when the computers arrive, they are checked for operational viability and then sent on to schools - some in quite...

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