Use of newspapers and magazines in the academic pursuits of University Students: case study of Covenant University.

Author:Njeze, Miracle Eka
Position::Case study


Information has been described as key to economic and technological advancement to individuals and nations. Aina (2004) defined information as the process of informing and transmitting ideas from a source to a recipient, this information can be used interchangeably as news, facts, data and knowledge and can be accessed by users. Anaeto (2009) opined that newspaper is an unbound publication that provides varieties of information both in print and non print form and the content of the paper can be read repeatedly. Mc Mane (2001) observed that newspaper is an inexpensive way to enhance classwork by providing the basics for studying different subjects from basic literacy to the highest level of critical thinking. Magazines on the other hand are good sources of information; they are more colorful and made with quality papers but are restricted to selected topics to satisfy their readers. Manish (2011) observed that students are encouraged in extracurricular activities like games, athletics, arts & craft and various activities that make the memories of their stay in School interesting and worth remembering Newspapers and magazines provide information on current happenings around the world; they also provide information for research, entertainment and leisure. In academic pursuit, the availability and use of accurate and current information may determine success or failure. This paper is written to establish the effects of newspapers and magazines in an academic pursuit of students of Covenant University, Ota.

Covenant University

Covenant University is a mission university owned by the Living Faith Church World-wide. It was established in 2002 and is located in Ota, Ogun State. The University has two Colleges: College of Developmental Studies (CDS) which comprises three Schools Business studies, Social Studies, Human Development Studies and College of Science and Technology (CST) which comprises three Schools Natural Science, Environmental Sciences and Engineering. Covenant University has an ultra modern Library called Center for Learning Resources. The library is reported to be among the largest and the best in Nigeria.

Objectives of the Study

* To determine the most consulted newspaper/magazine by students of Covenant University.

* To determine the gender of most consulted newspapers/magazine.

* To determine the time spent in consulting newspapers and magazines.

* To determine the relevance of newspapers and magazines to their academic pursuit.

* To determine the challenges encountered by students while consulting newspapers/magazines.

Literature Review

Shanon (2003) and Dhanushka (2010) observed that newspaper must be timely, and well organized, they motivate, inspire, excite users and posses the capacity to retain information for many years. Anaeto (2009) and Waal (2005 and INEY (2008) opined that newspapers carry information on current events that are attractive to readers; its main function is informing, educating and entertaining the public, but some private newspapers contain articles that are not reliable and therefore not good or useful for the youth. IMNE (2011) and Pandey (2010) noted that newspapers have been the most conventional and popular medium for conveying local, regional, national and international news to the readers, they serve us with the latest happenings in different parts of the world through a network of correspondents and news agencies.

McMane (2001) and Babalola opined that newspaper gives an in-depth knowledge on a lot of issues; it is the most accessible and affordable written document because it encourages critical thinking, information retention, and problem solving. Malik (2009) observed that newspapers remove barriers by separating man from man by bring better understanding of people, their rights, duties as citizens and creates a platform to express their views. Curpen (2011) and Mundo (2006) observed that all professionals and non professionals need newspapers for rapid developments in their respective fields. Businessmen need newspapers to keep in touch with economic and commercial trends in the country and see current share prices while politicians need them to be abreast of recent political events in the country.

According to Onwubiko (2005) newspapers have been accorded a great deal of importance in the transmission of government policy, provision of regular source of current information for artisans, students & staff, while Waal (2005) observed that print newspapers is indeed better at expanding awareness of issues than their online counterparts for some groups in society; especially those with average or below average interest in news, whereas the...

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