Author:Smith, Roxanne
Position:2011 New Products


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To commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Model 1911, PARA will release a limited number of boxed sets of two pistols: a classic 1911 with a 7-round magazine and a high capacity 14-45, featuring an integral light rail and PARA's integral ramp, match grade barrel.


The PARA Warthog is a micro-compact .45 ACP high-capacity pistol, which holds 10 rounds, The Warthog features an overall length of 6.75" and a height of 4.5", dual recoil spring system, cone barrel lockup, PARA's exclusive Power Extractor and PK2 black finish.

The official SASS 1911 Wild Bunch pistol features traditional spur hammer, grip safety, solid trigger, 7-round .45 ACP magazines and is engraved. PARA made the pistol to SASS officials' specifications for competition.

PARA's 1911 GI Expert Series has a compact addition, the GI LTC, which features a stainless steel 4.25" barrel, full beavertail grip safety and fiber optic front sight in a...

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