US transportation Command (USTRANSCOM).



When combatant commands, Services, other government agencies, and coalition partners require movement, they rely on USTRANSCOM. Since 2003, USTRANSCOM has been responsible for the synchronization and interoperability of distribution-related activities supporting force projection, sustainment, and redeployment/retrograde of military forces and materiel. As the Distribution Process Owner (DPO), USTRANSCOM directs and supervises the execution of the distribution system and develops and implements distribution process improvements. USTRANSCOM's assigned responsibilities are to:


* Provide common-user and commercial air, land, and sea transportation, terminal management, and aerial refueling;

* Develop and implement global joint mobility sourcing solutions from all mobility forces and capabilities;

* Serve as the DPO for the DOD, overseeing the overall effectiveness, efficiency and alignment of DOD-wide distribution activities;

* Serve as the Mobility Joint Force Provider by identifying and recommending global joint sourcing solutions in coordination with the services and other combatant commanders; and

* Provide global patient movement for DOD through the Defense Transportation System

This new way of doing business calls for partnering with world-class transportation service providers to improve reliability, predictability, and efficiency of moving DOD materiel to anywhere in the world where there is a need.

The consolidation of responsibility under one process owner is aimed, at realizing logistics efficiencies: eliminating existing seams between current distribution processes and standardizing the policies, vision, and performance goals in DOD's supply chain; driving interoperable information technology solutions and enhancing total asset visibility to distribution customers; institutionalizing sustainment planning into our contingency response processes; and streamlining distribution accountability (providing an accountable person for the supported combatant commander to contact for their distribution needs). The DPO works with the Services and combatant commanders, using the best transformational concepts and ideas available.

USTRANSCOM executes its mission through three component commands. The US Army's Military Surface Deployment and Distribution Command (SDDC) manages military land transportation and common-user ocean terminals. The US Navy's Military Sealift Command (MSC) is responsible for...

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