US Army Materiel Command (AMC).


The US Army Materiel Command (AMC) mission is to develop and sustain materiel to ensure a dominant joint force for the US and our Allies. The AMC mission supports the Army G-4 Focus Area to Connect Army Logisticians; to modernize theater distribution; to improve force reception; and to integrate the supply chain. Headquartered at For Belvoir, VA, the AMC accomplishes its mission through Life Cycle Management Commands, Major Subordinate Commands, and other organizations that direct the work of Army depots, arsenals, ammunition plants, laboratories, procurement operations, and AMC-deployed personnel. Support is also provided to HQDA, PEO/PM, and, via contracts, to vendors worldwide. There are more than 65,000 dedicated AMC military and civilian personnel who work at 149 locations worldwide, including 48 states and 55 countries.


The transportation mission includes directing and coordinating use of Department of Defense organic air and sea-lift, contracting vendors and commercial transportation companies to move materiel to and from units, depots, and forward repair activities world-wide. In addition, AMC has a Department of the Army charter for Army cargo-related transportation policy and procedures. AMC is directly supporting Operations Enduring Freedom and Iraqi Freedom (OEF/OIF) both in the theater of operations and in CONUS.

The transportation policy and procedures are formalized in Code of Federal Regulations (CFR), Federal and Defense Acquisition Regulations (F/DAR), DOD Directives and Memorandums, Joint DOD Component Regulations, Department of Army and Army Materiel Command Regulations, and formal agreements. All of this requires routine contact with the AMC community of transporters at the Life Cycle Management Commands, Major Subordinate Commands, the Logistics Support Activity, the Army Staff, Army Commands (ACOMs), DLA, USTRANSCOM, Defense Contract Management Agency, and the Military Surface Deployment and Distribution Command (SDDC). AMC transporters forecast requirements, defend, justify, budget, allocate, enforce, and verify resources to move weapon systems and supplies to and from Soldiers worldwide.

Current AMC Transportation Support to DOD) and Army Programs:

* Distribution Transformation Task Force (DTTF)

* End-to-End (E2E) Distribution

* Logistics Management Program (LMP)

* Supply Chain Integration

* Distribution Platforms and Container

* Roll-in/Roll-out Platforms (CROP)

* Reset the Army

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