Uruguay logistics 2030.


Uruguay's importance as a regional logistics center and the expectation that the sector will boost the economy led the government to establish the Uruguay Logistics 2030 project, run through the Ministry of Transportation and Public Works.

"The goal is to define a set of actions with the consensus of the different political parties and the participation of business owners and workers," said Beatriz Tabacco, the engineer who is president of the Instituto Nacional de Logistica (Inalog).

"The important thing is to generate an action plan that goes beyond the term of a single government. Everything is contained in a state policy that acknowledges logistics as a strategic industry," Tabacco emphasized.

The statistics support this view. Logistics services generate over US$1.5 billion in exports per year. The international transportation logistics industry alone creates 30,000 jobs.

"We realize that Uruguay is already a regional logistics center, but our goal is to strengthen it," argued Tabacco. The government has already announced investments to optimize logistics services, with more than US$1.8...

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