Our urban center; Making the region more attractive for young professionals.

Author:Jackson, George
Position::Attract, Retrain and Retain Talent

Building a vibrant, energetic city that attracts jobs, people and opportunity is what we work for at the Detroit Economic Growth Corporation (DEGC). We've had more than six billion dollars of construction here in the last few years, and there are hundreds of millions of dollars of construction underway or about to start. As they say, a billion here and a billion there and pretty soon you are talking about real money - and in our case real transformation into the Next Detroit.

Downtown Detroit has experienced a facelift like no other in recent history, with $20 million in streetscape improvements and 90 facade improvements valued at over $l8 million in investment. New hotels, casino facilities, and sports arenas are brightening the Detroit skyline, while Detroit's 19 million annual visitors fill the streets, visiting its top-notch museums, performance venues, sporting events and music and art festivals. We have encouraged conversions of office space into loft apartments; helped restaurants and other entertainment venues grow; and worked with other private and public organizations to transform downtown into a lively, 24/7 neighborhood.



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