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Diversity recruiting is an important area of focus for many employers, but which diversity categories they target, and for which roles, varies greatly, suggests a survey by Scout Exchange, Boston, Mass., a platform for marketplace recruiting.

Eighty-seven percent of recruiters in the survey say diversity and inclusion (D&I) initiatives are a priority for the companies they work with. However, D&I initiatives are far more likely to target women for senior roles than they are to target people of color or people with disabilities. Twenty-three percent of respondents say they have special initiatives for recruiting women to executive-level roles. That drops to 11% for people of color and two percent for people with disabilities.

"By and large, our results show D&I is top of mind for employers. The business benefits of diversity are well documented, and employers understand the importance in terms of recruiting and retaining a competitive workforce," says Jim McCoy, chief revenue officer and...

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