Upping the offer: meeting the needs of subscribers.


We all know that our industry is facing some major challenges. Tomorrow simply is not going to look like yesterday. As much as we may want everything to go back to how it was, we just cannot expect that. That leaves us with the question: What do we do? Our subscribers have more choices than ever. In order to retain our subscriber base, and especially to grow the subscriber base by winning back subscribers from competitors, we must provide a distinct advantage that others cannot. In many instances that advantage is a local-service orientation. People like doing business with people they know and trust. Generally our subscribers like keeping their dollars in their communities. However, they are becoming more and more aware of services offered outside their area, and they, especially commuters, are demanding services they see in major metro areas.

A business market is the trade of a good or commodity. In order for a subscriber to be in the market, they must be willing and able to purchase the good. If they won't buy the item or if they don't have the ability to pay for the item, we cannot count them as being in our market.

By the same token, if we cannot provide the goods or services the consumer is willing and able to buy, we are removing ourselves from the market.

In many instances we're seeing decreasing access line counts because we've watched our consumer shift to a market where we were not capable of doing business. We can either watch this trend continue or we can go back and ask ourselves the question again: What do we do?

To state it plainly, our subscribers/customers/members are not going to continue paying for services that no longer meet their needs. So, what do we do? We meet the needs of our subscribers.

Our customers are telling us they need more than just POTS. They want services and features. Many subscribers, accustomed to features on their business phones, want similar business-like...

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