UPM Raflatac launches resealable portfolio.

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UPM Raflatac has announced the launch of a new resealable portfolio designed to provide long-lasting open-closure functionality for a range of applications in the Americas. Featuring RR05 and RR10, two of the company's newest removable adhesives, these film constructions are market tested and proven to open smoothly and quietly, even after multiple uses. Additionally, Raflatac says, both adhesives offer different peel strengths and remain ultra-clear throughout their life cycles, so branding is never compromised.

UPM Raflatac's resealable products resist water, oils and other liquids and are approved for indirect food contact. Therefore, these label-stocks are an ideal choice for wet wipe and deli meat packages, and they offer a perfect alternative to hard closure containers in dry applications, such as tissues, rice, coffee, pasta and other food packaging.

Additionally, for companies interested in a specific or custom product construction featuring RR05 or RR10 adhesives, UPM Raflatac has a...

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