Upgraded features create sales.

Author:Ayoob, Massad

Ruger's new-for-2015 offerings I've seen ordered thus far are the Match Champion GP100 .357 revolver--upgraded with adjustable Sights--and Lightweight Commander-Style 1911 .45. It's the first 1911 I've seen come from its maker with a titanium ramp inset to keep wide-mouth hollowpoints from chewing up the ramp area of the aluminum frame. Show this feature to the customer who wants a lightweight 1911--coupled with the good price point, it's likely to equal a sale.


Taurus announced its Curve pistol prior to SHOT but it wasn't on shelves yet. The curved shape designed to fit hip or pocket for right-handed shooters is a major selling point. Heavy print and Internet coverage has already created huge interest for the Curve; I predict this may be Taurus' biggest seller since the Judge came out 10 years ago.

Korth's firearms have a reputation analogous with a Rolls-Royce: high prestige, fantastic workmanship, but a price out of reach for the common man. That's changed this year with their new Sky...

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