Upcoming arms control talks raise questions on U.S. export controls.

Author:Erwin, Sandra
Position::Defense Insider

* The Obama administration walks a fine line when it comes to U.S. arms exports. While it is seeking to boost the U.S. economy by easing regulatory burdens on aerospace and defense industry exporters, it is also lending support to a global arms-control treaty that could put tighter controls on international sales of conventional weapons.


U.S. negotiators are gearing up for a crucial round of Arms Trade Treaty talks in July at United Nations headquarters, in New York City. The world's top arms sellers will be seeking agreement on the framework of a future multilateral treaty to regulate the estimated $1.5 trillion international market for conventional weapons.

As the world's top arms exporter, the United States will be under pressure to support tighter regulations that would aim to prevent illegal transfers and to keep oppressive Third World regimes from obtaining advanced weaponry.

"The United States is committed to pursuing a robust treaty" said Bill Malzhan, deputy director of the State Department's office of conventional arms threat reduction.

He noted that...

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