Author:Harper, Jon

Lord: No CMMC Waivers Expected

* As industry prepares for new rules under the cybersecurity maturity model certification, or CMMC, to roll out later in the year, Undersecretary of Defense for Acquisition and Sustainment Ellen Lord said it is unlikely the Pentagon will offer waivers.

"I do not anticipate waivers at this point in time," she told reporters in January. "We have not discussed that because cybersecurity is so critical, it becomes a differentiator."

Some small- and medium-sized companies, in particular, are worried that CMMC could place burdensome and expensive requirements on them. Lord said she hears their concerns.

"One of my biggest concerns was really about small and medium businesses because that's where a large part of innovation comes from and we need that and we want to retain them," she said. (For more on CMMC, see page 37.)

Army Secretary: Boost Arms Sales to Asian Allies

* Increasing foreign military sales of U.S.-made equipment is critical for enhancing interoperability with partner nations in the Indo-Pacific, where the Pentagon is trying to bolster its alliances to counter China, Secretary of the Army Ryan McCarthy said during recent remarks at the Brookings Institution.

When National Defense asked him what specific types of U.S.-built systems he wants allies in the region to buy, he replied: 'Any and all." Countries are already purchasing major platforms used by the Army, including Chinook helicopters and Stryker vehicles, he noted.

"Communications is also very important as well," he said. 'That's where the interoperability comes in to be able to communicate with each other and coordinate large entities to conduct exercises. So every time I meet with an ally, FMS sales is on the agenda. I do everything I can to help push American business all over the world." (For more, see page 12.)

Gee, That Seems Like a Long Ways Off

* As the Pentagon works to integrate 5G networks into military operations, the Defense Department's chief...

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