UNU-WIDER AERC and UNU-WIDER Conference: macro-economic management of foreign aid.

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Event name

AERC and UNU-WIDER Conference: Macro-economic Management of Foreign Aid. Held in Nairobi, Kenya, 2-3 December, 2011.


Nairobi, Kenya


2 December 2011 - 3 December 2011

Contact person

UNU-WIDER focal points

Tony Addison, Chief Economist, Deputy Director of UNU-WIDER

Finn Tarp, Director of UNU-WIDER

* Poster: AERC & UNU-WIDER Conference: ReCom - Research and Communication on Foreign Aid. pdf (1.9 megabytes)

To meet development objectives, aid recipients and their donor partners need to effectively manage the macro-economic effects of aid. Aid can improve the economy's supply-side and raise growth. But if the macroeconomic impact of aid is not managed well, it can distort and undermine growth. This event will clarify aid's macroeconomic effects. This knowledge will contribute to improving aid's growth impact and help with the scaling up of aid itself.

UNU-WIDER gratefully acknowledges the financial...

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