United States Coast Guard (USCG).

Position:Department of Homeland Security (DHS


Admiral Paul F. Zukunft, USCG

Commandant of the USCG

The US Coast Guard is one of the five armed forces of the United States and the only military organization within the Department of Homeland Security. The Coast Guard protects the maritime economy and the environment, defends our maritime borders, and saves those in peril. The Coast Guard provides unique benefits to the nation because of its distinctive blend of military, humanitarian, and civilian law enforcement capabilities. By law, the Coast Guard has 11 missions:

* Ports, waterways, and coastal security

* Drug interdiction

* Aids to navigation

* Search and rescue

* Living marine resources

* Marine safety

* Defense readiness

* Migrant interdiction

* Marine environmental protection

* ICE operations

* Other law enforcement


Rear Admiral, Lower Half Michael J. Haycock

Assistant Commandant for Engineering and Logistics ICG-4)

The Engineering and Logistics Directorate (CG-4) develops, deploys and maintains the resources necessary to sustain the capabilities to meet operational requirements that support the Coast Guard's five fundamental roles: Maritime Safety, Maritime Security, Maritime Mobility, National Defense, and Protection of Natural Resources. To do this, our professionals are responsible for engineering and logistics throughout the Coast Guard. The Engineering and Logistics Directorate provides technical, logistics, and engineering support for all Coast Guard operating programs (i.e., Search and Rescue, environmental, etc.). This includes performing or assisting in planning, design, construction, acquisition, renovation, maintenance, outfitting and alteration of cutters, boats, aircraft, motor vehicles, aids to navigation and shore facilities. Engineering, logistics, and maintenance responsibilities also include complete life-cycle support; installation, operations, maintenance and ultimately replacement.

The Engineering and Logistics Directorate is composed of 2164 people; 134 located in Coast Guard...

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